Building knowledge

CEAMaS clarified convergence between European and national legal frameworks for dredged sediment management and bring perspectives for reuse of marine sediments in civil engineering in Europe.

As practice, regulations and assessment criteria related to sediment management differ in each country due to local regulations and standards, project partners identified, compiled and analysed information (technical, economic, regulatory, environmental and social), bibliography, practices, options and solutions available in North-West European countries in order to better understand and evaluate the perspectives for the reuse of dredged marine sediments in civil engineering in Europe.

University College Cork (UCC), due to its experience in benchmarking and information analysis on sediment management, have coordinate the transnational cooperation in order to obtain exhaustive information on marine sediments management and reuse in Europe and work closely with regulatory and local agencies, harbor & port authorities and dredging contractors

The investigation and analyses covers Ireland, UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Belgium with the expertise of UCC, CIT, TU Delft, cd2e and BBRI.


Main results

CEAMaS investigations clearly show that reuse options for sediment are relevant options for all studied countries. Despite the differences in social context, risk perception, EU directives adaptation in each countries and management strategies, opportunities, perspectives, and need for reuse options have been clearly identified in all North Western Europe countries.

Spatial information, technical and regulation information and stakeholder perception of marine sediment reuse application have been collected and are shared through online tools (WebGIS and Bibliographic tool) or studies.


WebGIS  Smartatlas Handbook

WebGIS allows you to explore and compare topographic data of Europe on a map

CEAMaS Bibliographic tool will give you access to a wide list of publications or articles useful for sediment reuse projects.