CEAMaS Closing event: 17th of September, Brussel

The CEAMaS final project conference in Brussel reached more than 60 experts and stakeholders in sediment management which shared outcomes and results on technical, social, economic and global environmental impact issues.

PROGRAM: CEAMaS project – a global vision through multi-criteria decision tools and studies

Thematic 1 : Social issues

  • European stakeholder's point of view analysis
  • Overview of differences in European legislation
  • GIS as a multi-criteria decision support tool

Thematic 2 : Technical issues and legislation  for reuse

  • Bibliographic tool
  • Reuse options identification
  • Sediment characterisation techniques for reuse

Thematic 3 : Economic issues

European stakeholder's point of view

  • Global Economic Modelling for reuse options
  • On site characterisation for optimised dredging and sediments reuse: technical investigations and consequences on the cost for reuse options

Thematic 4 : Environmental issues

  • WebGIS, a tool for spatial data-information dissemination at a European level
  • LCA, study for reuse options, global environmental impact evaluation
  • Sediment characterisation methods for potential ecotoxicity

Conclusion: how to share, how to continue? A European Resource Centre.

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