CEAMaS Closing Event Conference

CEAMaS Closing Event Conference: Sediment reuse in European perspectives

Through the CEAMaS Interreg IVB North-West Europe project contributions on Technical, Social, Economic and Global environmental impact issues, we have a Transnational 360° vision on marine sediment reuse in civil engineering applications.

PROGRAM: CEAMaS project: a global vision through multi-criteria decision tools and studies

  • Thematic 1 : Social issues
  • European stakeholder's point of view analysis
  • Overview of differences in European legislation
  • GIS as a multi-criteria decision support tool
  • Thematic 2 : Technical issues and legislation  for reuse
  • Bibliographic tool
  • Reuse options identification
  • Sediment characterisation techniques for reuse
  • Thematic 3 : Economic issues
  • European stakeholder's point of view
  • Global Economic Modelling for reuse options
  • On site characterisation for optimised dredging and sediments reuse: technical investigations and consequences on the cost for reuse options
  • Thematic 4 : Environmental issues
  • WebGIS, a tool for spatial data-information dissemination at a European level
  • LCA, study for reuse options, global environmental impact evaluation
  • Sediment characterisation methods for potential ecotoxicity
  • Conclusion: how to share, how to continue? a European Resource Centre.

Download the closing event slideshow