Dewatering of tailings, a geochemical perspective

Dewatering of tailings, a geochemical perspective

This webinar material gives two examples with explanations on why geochemistry matters for the dewatering of tailings.

  • Example one: Red mud spill, what happens when dewatering does not take place, and the embankment fails?  This example focuses on the impact a tailing dam breach has on the environment. What is the ecotoxicological impact near the site, and what is the impact downstream?
  • Example two: Oil sand tailing dewatering. In this part of the webinar, a short introduction on the impact of oil sand tailing ponds is given, including the transformation needed to restore the pond to a more natural state. The main question is why tailings in tailing ponds do not consolidate as expected, hampering the redevelopment. The role of biochemistry (gas production) and physicochemistry (zeta potential) is explained.

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