Dredged Sediments in Civil Engineering ?

Because the management of dredged sediment is an issue for many European countries, because there is a concomitant increase in demand for construction materials with regional to sub-regional deficits in suitable sources to supply the market, CEAMaS project aims at providing new and enhanced tools for the widespread uptake of the beneficial reuse of dredged marine sediment in civil engineering :

  • An online database and mapping coverage of sediments’ reuse needs and opportunities

  • The sediment reuse options and best practices for applications in civil engineering

  • A European methodology to reuse sediments based on a multi-criteria decision analysis

  • A unique European Centre of Resource, capitalizing on CEAMaS results and findings from other collaborative projects

  • An interactive online training program on sediment management and reuse in civil engineering applications

  • Recommendations for an integrated legislation regarding the reuse of dredged sediments in civil engineering industry

    To do so, the CEAMaS project team is composed of 8 partners bringing together a broad range of expertise, and national networks for Belgium, France, Ireland and Netherlands: we represent public sector organizations, environmental clusters, industrial organizations and scientific institutions. Our expertise covers civil engineering, geosciences, coastal and maritime engineering, dredging and sediment management, geography, sustainable construction.