European Approach

CEAMaS, Working on a European methodology to reuse marine sediments

CEAMaS provides for all stakeholders involved in marine sediment management a clear vision that sediment reuse in civil engineering applications is technically feasible, can be cost effective when compared to the use of traditional quarry based materials, can have positive long term economic impacts, can have positive impacts on job creation and/or can have positive environmental impacts.

To assist sediment managers in developing such strategies for sediment management, the CEAMaS project has developed and/or tested a set of tools and methodologies which are available and can be used by sediment managers or other relevant stakeholders to facilitate selection of the optimum sediment management solution for an identified project

The results of the investigations undertaken and the tools and tutorials developed are relevant in a European context: the tools and methodologies have been tested with real case studies from the CEAMaS partners’ countries (The Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, and France) with legislation for sediments based on Soil or Waste Directives.

Two multi-criteria decision support tools have been developed under CEAMaS project and are available for download in this website section:


This document consolidates the project’s outcome and findings  on sediment reuse issues and opportunities

These tools were designed to cross-check regulatory compliance of a given sediment composition across NW European countries regulations, and therefore identify suitable or unsuitable reuse options in each country.

Scenarios evaluation through global indicators tool