Focus on : BBRI, the Building expert in CEAMaS

The Belgian Building Research Institute (BBRI) is a private institute founded in 1960 for the benefit of all building contractors. Our three main missions are:

  • to perform scientific and technical research on construction;

  • to supply technical information, assistance and consultancy;

  • to contribute to innovation and development in the construction sector by performing contract research upon request of industry and authorities.


BBRI has a specialised division on sustainable construction involved in waste and resource management and recycling, a concrete division involved in concrete recycling and filler applications and a geotechnical division working on e.g. soil-mix applications.

BBRI has conducted studies on management and use of primary and secondary resources in several applications (e.g. reuse of recycled aggregates within Berendrecht lock at Antwerp) and is involved in testing dewatered sediments from port of Antwerp for reuse within clay bricks, light weight aggregates, concrete and mortar and infrastructure works (VAMORAS project).