multi-criteria decision-support tool

Scenarios evaluation through global indicators tool

This multi-criteria decision tool was designed in a non-deterministic, "what-if" mode, in order to give an easy understanding and comparison of the global impacts of traditional and innovative sediment management scenarios. Alternative options are evaluated within global indicators taking into account the entire dimensions of sediment management.

The tool is design to be helpful to several groups of users:

  • Decision makers at the port or territory level rather than operators, because it is aimed at scenarios evaluation and comparison rather than at the optimisation of sediment management operations.
  • Local communities, as it should facilitate discussions and communication around sediment management choices for non-specialists, and identify their indirect impacts and benefits.
  • Education (students, schools and young professionals), in order to disseminate knowledge and involvement around sediment management options and benefits.

8 indicators covering the global impacts of each sediment management option, including sustainable scenarios were selected and set up by CEAMaS partners

  1. 1. Decision “Risk” level
  2. 2. Costs (k€)

Effects associated to the evaluated sediment management option:

  1. Fossil energy uses
  2. Climate change
  3. Ecosystem quality
  4. Human health
  5. Social acceptance
  6. Regional economic development

The tool is designed both to allow users to work with their data, and to give examples of possible management scenarios using a standard dataset. Such scenarios allow testing management hypotheses and showing strategic issues on a wide range of indicators pertinent for the targeted public, and improving their knowledge of sediment management issues.

Download the “CEAMaS multi-criteria decision-support tool

CEAMaS Decision support tool was developed on the basis of the results of GeDSeT, INTERREG IV FRANCE - WALLONIE - VLAANDEREN project.

It is developed with MS-Excel™ 2010 with macros. Do not hesitate to give us your feedback (use specific button in excel sheets). It will be useful to update the tool or correct potential unseen bugs within or after the project period.